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6 Staples you should have before you start cooking Spanish food

Ready to start cooking? Have a look at this short list of 6 ingredients you should have before you start cooking Spanish food. You will probably need them sooner or later if you follow the recipes on this blog.

1.    Olive Oil: You will find that most of the recipes include olive oil. We are aware that it is not very cheap, especially if you live outside Spain. But it is essential for many dishes. Its flavor will really make a difference, especially if you are cooking Salmorejo or Gazpacho, where olive oil plays an important role. However, if you are going to prepare sauces like Alioli or Maionese, sunflower oil is better, as its flavor is less intense.

2.    Tomatoes: Look for high quality, juicy tomatoes. Don’t shy away from the mature and soft ones. The pear-shaped ones are very good for salmorejo, gazpacho or in making sofrito (a base of tomato, garlic and onion that is used for many dishes). Also, remember to keep them away from the fridge for as long as possible.

3.    Good seafood: Look for a good place near you to get fresh seafood if you are planning on preparing a typical Paella de marisco, Almejas con Salsa Verde, Gambas al ajillo or any of the many other recipes that we have included on this blog. 

4.    Embutido. Specifially jamon: It is included in many recipes on this blog, as you have probably noticed.  Check our quick guide if you want to know more about jamon iberico.

Legs of Jamon Serrano in storage - all you need to know about jamon
Legs of Jamon Serrano in storage

5.    Pan. Bread: Although it is not an ingredient as such (except for some recipes like Salmorejo), it’s always good to have a good piece of bread to dip with. Huevos Rotos, for instance, is way better if you have some bread to eat it with. Also, it is a good base to put your tapas on. 

6.    Wine: Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world, right after France and Italy. It’s always good to pair food with a good glass of wine. Check out our quick guide to get some tips.

spanish wine cup - all you need to know
A good spanish cheese or jamon make the perfect match with a spanish wine .

That´s our basic list 6 ingredients you should have before you start cooking Spanish food. Missing anything? Let us know in our comments section!

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