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Tipping in Spain

You are at a restaurant and the waiter brings you the bill. The second question after “Did I really drink so many bottles of wine?” is: “How much should I tip?” Luckily, in Spain big tips are not expected, so no worries!

Tipping in Spain
Big tips in Spain are not as expected as in some other countries

But… how much and when should I tip?

Let’s say you go to a bar and you have a tapa and a beer. Your bill is, say, 4.60 euros. If you want – and only if you want – you can pay with a 5 euro bill and leave the rest as a tip. That’s what Spanish people would normally do. 

Now, imagine you are seated at a table at a restaurant having dinner with your family. In this case, it’s nice if you leave something like 1 or 2 euros (depending on how big the dinner was) for your waiter. If he or she was very nice, you can even leave a bit more. But if you don’t want to leave any tip, for whatever reason, it will be just fine.

How about taxi drivers and pizza delivery drivers? The same rule applies. If the taxi driver is very nice and helpful, you can give them a little tip if you feel like it. In the case of pizza delivery drivers, their salary is usually so low that they will be very happy if you give them a bunch of coins. But they will not spit on your door (we hope not!) if you don’t.

To sum it all up, tips are not as expected as in some other countries. You can tip if the service was nice and the food was good. And of course, if you get your bill with a “Tip not included” printed on it, I would suggest that you “tip” that restaurant with a bad review.

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